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Tax Preparation Services

Business Tax Returns

A variety of small business tax returns are prepared each year.


Tax returns and filing instructions have been prepared for 1000's of individual clients each year.

Tax Planning

Long term, annual and mid-year tax planning and tax forecasting services.

Accounting Services


Complete accounting services for small businesses. We can use our professional software or use a variety of software available to the public. On stand alone PCs or web based, we are well versed with many software programs which allow you to choose.

Financial Statements

Monthly, quarterly and year-end Balance sheet and Operating Statements are prepared accurately and timely for a broad range of small business clients.

Payroll Services

Total payroll services for small business clients.

Other Services

Financial Planning

Full service Financial Planning for future goals.

Divorce Litigation Support

Support to the litigation process, help with understanding the process, compilation of records for Financial Affidavits, research and review opposing discovery

Business Valuations

Help establishing the proper value of a small business.